CONNECT Code-A-Thon, August 2012

George Mason University Department of Health Administration and Policy, College of Health and Human Services

CONNECT Code-A-Thon Hosted by George Mason University

George Mason University hosted the August 2012 Code-A-Thon. The event included plenary sessions, expert panels, and most importantly, working sessions where participants worked side-by-side with other professionals from the government and private sector. This free-form hackathon provides flexibility to work on projects you’re interested in and network with other organizations with similar interests and requirements.
WHEN: August 16-17, 2012
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WHERE: George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
TRAVEL/HOTEL: Visit the George Mason University website for travel and hotel information

WHO SHOULD ATTEND A CODE-A-THON? Programmers; developers; students interested in IT and/or innovation; professionals representing federal and state agencies, healthcare providers, insurance companies, health information exchanges, cities, universities, health IT vendors, and other health industry stakeholder

CONNECT is an open source software solution that supports health information exchange – both locally and at the national level.