Current Governance

The CONNECT Managing Work Group sets the business agenda for CONNECT in line with federal needs. The business requirements are then handed over to the Change Control Board (CCB) to transform it into the related technical requirements. The CCB is currently responsible for the CONNECT solution which is released three times a year to the federal partners and the open source community. The goal of the CCB is to promote a smooth and harmonious enhancement of CONNECT over time. This is accomplished by ensuring that a structured process is used to consider proposed changes and incorporate them into a specified release of CONNECT.

The CCB is established to serve the following purposes:

  • Authorize the establishment of baselines
  • Authorize additions of user stories to baselines
  • Represent the interests of all groups who may be affected by changes to the baselines
  • Evaluate and approve, disapprove or defer proposed system changes
  • Set timeline for enhancements and changes to the baseline
  • Ensure implementation of approved changes

Currently, federal agencies that are working to deploy CONNECT are eligible for membership in the CCB. Each agency has one vote. Should agencies that are providing funding for the development of CONNECT non-concur on a vote of the CCB, this will result in the vote being moved to the CONNECT Board of Directors for final decision, otherwise simple majority consensus applies.


Future Governance

The Federal Health Architecture is in the process of moving the CONNECT solution into a public/private governance model. The details of this model are still evolving, though it is clear that states and private sector organizations should have a role in setting the direction for CONNECT considering that its evolution will impact the industry at large.