CONNECT Release 3.0

CONNECT Release 3.0

CONNECT 3.0 was released on June 15, 2010. CONNECT 3.0 includes significant architectural changes and incorporates enterprise service components into the product.

At the core of the CONNECT 3.0 release are important architectural changes that make the solution more platform neutral for use in a wider set of technology environments (e.g., JBoss, WebLogic) as well as making it much easier to integrate with important health IT applications such as electronic health record (EHR) solutions.

CONNECT 3.0 incorporates a more robust set of standards and expands its adaptor support. It also provides a new set of integrated delivery environment (IDE) tools that will enable the standardization of disparate interfaces for client frameworks.

As a result of the changes included in CONNECT 3.0, the solution has improved its performance, runs smoother and delivers cleaner code.

Updates to CONNECT 3.0 include:

  • Deferred services for Patient Discovery and Document Submission (XDR)
  • LiFT (Large Image and File Transfer) support for document submission (XDR)
  • Policy and redaction updates
  • SOAP 1.2 enhancements on internal interfaces between GW and adapter
  • Secure and unsecured interfaces for patient discovery
  • Support new profile for ESMD (Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation)
  • FIPS enhancements for JBOSS
  • Database support for Oracle
  • Enhancements to support OCSP certificate revocation
  • Performance testing enhancements

To learn more about the CONNECT 3.0 release, click here. To attend the CONNECT 3.0 Webinar, click here.