CONNECT Release 3.3

CONNECT 3.3 DownloadCONNECT 3.3 Release

CONNECT 3.3 is now generally available, and this version of the open source health information exchange software is all about making the software easier for you to use today and well into the future!

CONNECT 3.3 Overview Webinar

CONNECT 3.3 includes multiple enhancements, including:

  • New features
  • Performance improvements
  • Maintenance fixes
  • Software updates

To learn more about the CONNECT 3.3 release and download the software, click here.

Key enhancements included in CONNECT 3.3 are:

Complying with July 2011 Approved Nationwide Health Information Network Specifications: CONNECT 3.3 supports the July 2011 specifications for patient discovery, query for documents, retrieve documents, document submission and administrative distribution as well as the foundational specifications for messaging, web services registry and authorization framework. CONNECT 3.3 is the first gateway to comply with these revised specifications and it allows organizations participating in the Nationwide Health Information Network Exchange to ensure their gateways are in compliance.

Creating Backwards Compatibility between the January 2010 and July 2011 Nationwide Health Information Network Specifications and among CONNECT Versions: Previously, if an organization were to implement the July 2011 specifications, it would not have been able to interoperate with other organizations using the January 2010 specifications. However, CONNECT 3.3 supports both the January 2010 and July 2011 versions of the specifications using identification capabilities of the Nationwide Health Information Network Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) service. In addition, CONNECT 3.3 was built to ensure gateway-to-gateway and gateway-to-adapter backwards capability, which enables organizations to more readily upgrade CONNECT while minimizing changes to already existing adapters and interfaces.

Incorporating Technology Stack Upgrades: To implement the July 2011 specifications and to support SAML 2.0, CONNECT 3.3 migrated to newer versions of key technology stack components: Metro to version 2.1.1 and JDK to version 1.7.

Implementing a Configurable Set of Services for Targeted Selection during Installation: During deployment, CONNECT 3.3 allows implementers to select message type, supported specification version, and total number of services to be deployed. By making it easier to customize the installation process with selectable services, organizations will not have to install services they will not use. This allows the end user to tailor the software to their environment versus having to tailor their environment to the software.

Providing Parallel Message Initiation and Processing (Fan Out): CONNECT 3.3 provides the ability to fan out patient discovery and query for documents requests to multiple communities, thereby reducing the overall processing duration for multi-community requests.

Preparing CONNECT for a Clustered Environment: To handle higher traffic volumes, CONNECT 3.3 supports multiple instances of the gateway in a single implementation.

Providing Performance-Related Configurable Parameters: CONNECT 3.3 includes configuration guidance to help you ensure your implementation achieves optimal throughput and resource utilization.

Enhancing Implementation Instructions: CONNECT 3.3 provides refined instructions for installing and deploying CONNECT on all supported platforms.

Along with the enhancements, CONNECT 3.3 resolves over 80 issues identified in prior releases. Refer to the CONNECT 3.3 release notes for a full list of all issues resolved in CONNECT 3.3.